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Next one will be on Sunday,16 May 2010

Date: Sunday,17 May 2009
Time 9:00 - 14:30
Open for public 13:30 - 14:30
(In case of heavy rain : Postponed until Saturday,23 May)

Place: Kusachi Hiroba in Metropolitan Hibiya Park ,
3 min. walk from Kasumigaseki Subway Station

Admission: Free
50 persons only for convention

Tools: Free Rent
Commendation Party: at Matsumotoro in the park. (15:00-17:00)

Order of Play:
1st Prize:
Coupon for Yoro-Keikoku Hot Spring [Fukusui]
in Chiba Pref. (for 2 persons one night)

2nd Prize:
Restaurant coupon for Matsumotoro (for 2 persons)

3rd Prize: Garden Golf Set

Sponsorship: Internationl Garden Golf Association
Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Support: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

(Japanese only)
17 May 2009: 5th Event
18 May 2008: 4th Event
13 May 2007: 3rd Event
21 May 2006: 2nd Event
27 March 2005: 1st Event
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Garden Golf is a new kind of golf which uses pocket billiards balls and a special golf club with a rubber club head.
The ball is played on bare ground and aimed at a plastic flowerpot buried in the ground, using golf putting techniques.
The rules of this golf are almost the same as those of ordinary golf: the fewer strokes the better; the lowest score wins.
The Garden Golf course in the park will consist of 18 holes (PAR 72).
The top four individual players enter a match play play off.